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I flew to Pennsylvania to attend a dog wedding. Here’s what happened.
About two months ago, my best friend Nancy told me that she was going to be attending a wedding in August, however this was no ordinary wedding. It was for two therapy dogs who had managed to find love in this crazy world we live in and on Aug. 10 they were going to solidify their love in a formal ceremony complete with a judge, a wedding dress and of course the wedding cake. I couldn’t help but laugh. Surely, this couldn’t be serious. A dog wedding? And Nancy would be there to help celebrate the nuptials? Or should I say puptials? It’s not too far-fetched to believe, after all Nancy and I met on Facebook through our love of dogs. I fell in love with the adventures she and her late Golden Retriever, Sawyer, would embark on at local libraries, hospitals and assisted living facilities. They had the hearts to help people and were an exceptional therapy team with PAWS for People, a nonprofit organization that provides certified pet therapy visits to communities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.
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