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Dr. Anderson: Who is the real winner here?
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

There are two main topics on COVID-19. One is the Delta variant. We get to learn a new term: viral load.  Have not heard that one used yet with COVID. It just means there are more viral particles in you when you become infected with the Delta variant. This also means you may get sick quicker, might be more of a severe illness, and not sure what else. Yes, the current vaccines seem to be effective against it. How did this variant come about? Viruses are not stupid. They want to live just as much as you and I do. Our job is to not let them. Viruses are always mutating. Just as none of our children look exactly alike, neither does theirs. When a mutation survives and begins to replicate and infect more people, then we have a viable mutation. When it doesn’t successfully survive, then we never hear from it again. What is the best defense? Vaccination. By the way, did you know that smallpox, measles (both kinds), mumps and polio were defeated by vaccines? Does anybody remember when we closed swimming pools in the summer and doctors would not take tonsils out in the summer?  No vaccination, then the COVID-19 wins again. 

The second main topic is masks. Florida has declared no mandatory mask and have you watched what happened? Cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing. What happened to the “masks don’t work” theory? We stopped mandatory masks and made them optional. What happened is our numbers went back up.  Remember when I told you that the most dangerous time is when the enemy appears to be retreating because of the possibility of a counterattack? We dropped our guard and got Delta.  We dropped our masks and got more cases.  No masks, no vaccinations and COVID-19 wins again. 

Men, be an Alpha male and get the vaccine. Women, lead the way and get the vaccine. COVID-19 has won twice, let’s not go for three. 

Thanks for reading.