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LIVE RESULTS: Coverage of the biggest Dawson County races in the 2020 Presidential Election
Election Night 11.03.20
Short lines and relatively low election day voter turnout was the theme of the day on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, according to Dawson County Election Officials. - photo by Jacob Smith

A long and contentious election season is finally nearing its end. 

Dawson County Elections officials closed polling sites on time at 7 p.m., announcing that approximately 2,600 voters cast their ballot in person throughout the day. 

In addition to a presidential election between incumbent President Donald J. Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Dawson County voters were asked to decide the outcome of several statewide and local races, including the Georgia House District 9 seat, Georgia Senate District 51 seat, and an at large position on the Dawson County Board of Education. 

With 100% of precincts reporting countywide, but excluding military and provisional ballots, here are the preliminary election results:

President of the United States

Donald J. Trump (I) (Rep.):  83.37 percent (13,373) 

Joseph R. Biden (Dem.): 15.41 percent (2,472)

Jo Jorgensen (Lib.): 1.22 percent (195) 

State House District 9

Will Wade (Rep.): 87.22 percent (11,859)

Sharon Ravert (Dem.): 12.78 percent (1,737)

State Senate District 51

Steve Gooch (I) (Rep.): 85.81 percent (13,416)

June Krise (Dem.): 14.19 percent (2,219)

Dawson County Board of Education At-Large Seat special election

David Yenerall:  13.17 percent (1,685)

Nathan Ingram:  66.02 percent (8,445)

Mark Sussman:  20.80 percent (2,661)

US House District 9

Andrew Clyde (Rep.): 85.36 percent (13,398)

Devin Pandy (Dem.): 14.64 percent (2,298)