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Patrol officers under investigation after a late night game of badminton at a local school
Patrol officers hired to serve the Dawson County citizens served up a little more than they were trained to do Wednesday morning when they entered the Dawson County Middle School and struck up a game of badminton, leaving the county without any patrol officers on the roads. Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said Dec. 12 that he had received a report of inappropriate behavior by patrol officers who were on duty early that morning. Johnson said that all five members of the patrol shift met at Dawson County Middle School at approximately 2 a.m. Dec. 12 to conduct building clearing exercises, and that before conducting the training, officers began to play badminton in the gym while waiting for all of the officers to arrive. He said that when the final officer arrived, the group did not go directly to the drill, but continued playing. The game lasted approximately 35 minutes, Johnson said.
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