BOLO: Law enforcement still looking for person of interest in rape incident
Authorities are still searching for the man.
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Why federal drug agency wants to cut opioid production 10 percent by 2019
In an effort to reduce the supply of opioids, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice proposed a quota reduction this month for U.S. manufacturing of certain drugs in 2019. The proposal announced Aug. 16 would decrease “manufacturing quotas for the six most frequently misused opioids for 2019 by an average 10 percent as compared to the 2018 amount,” according to the DEA announcement. “Once the aggregate quota is set, DEA allocates individual manufacturing and procurement quotas to those manufacturers that apply for them. DEA may revise a company’s quota at any time during the year if change is warranted due to increased or decreased sales or exports, new manufacturers entering the market, new product development or product recalls,” according to the DEA’s announcement.