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‘We will honor you’: Friends and family remember Amy Gibson on one year anniversary of fire station shooting
Gibson Memorial 1
Family and friends of Amy Alexandria Gibson laid flowers at Dawson County Fire Station No. 7 on Wednesday afternoon, commemorating one year since the 44-year-old was shot and killed.

After laying flowers near the bay doors of Dawson County Fire Station No. 7 on Wednesday afternoon, just feet away from where Amy Alexandria Gibson was shot and killed one year ago, friends and family gathered to commemorate the 44-year-old’s life and share a message of sadness at her passing. 

Gibson Memorial 2
Linda Esther, mother of Amy Alexandria Gibson and Kristi Peterson, Gibson's best friend, came to Dawson County Fire Station No. 7 on Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the 44-year-old’s life on the one year anniversary of her death.

"I miss her every day, that's all there is to say," Gibson’s mother Linda Esther said at the small ceremony. 

On the evening of July 29, 2019, Gibson, a Dawson County resident and mother of two, was killed at the fire station on Dawson Forest Road in an incident of domestic violence that shocked the local community. 

At the time of the shooting, local authorities told the Dawson County News that incident was witnessed by fire department staff, that described seeing Gibson’s vehicle pull into the station parking lot pursued by another driver, who exited his vehicle and fired several shots into Gibson’s car, striking and killing her. 

The male suspect was later identified as Jeremy Wade Gibson, Gibson’s husband. 

Gibson Memorial 3
Reading from a prepared statement, Kristi Peterson, friend of Amy Alexandria Gibson, said that even though the system failed the 44-year-old woman, Gibson's loved ones are dedicated to fighting for change.

Gibson is currently held in the Dawson County Detention Center, awaiting trial for charges of murder, cruelty to children and aggravated assault. 

But rehashing gory details of Gibson’s death wasn’t the focus point of the ceremony on Wednesday afternoon, instead, friend of the deceased Kristi Peterson read from a prepared statement, sharing thoughts from the family on who Gibson was and how the system had failed her. 

“Amy was a wonderful mother to two beautiful children, as well as a daughter, sister and friend to most who crossed her path,” Peterson said, reading words written by Gibson’s sister Mary, who was unable to attend the ceremony. “She set the example of letting her light shine for so many in our world, sharing her kindness, sense of humor and her great laugh. 

Gibson’s son and daughter were her world, Peterson said, and when the threat of domestic violence entered their lives, she sought help from any resources in the community she could find.

Despite the fact that Gibson desperately needed help from someone, no help was available, she said. 

“Those that surrounded Amy in her time of need understood the gravity of the situation, we begged for help alongside her, only to discover that anyone who might have been able to help, had their hands tied until something tragic happened,” Peterson said.

“The system simply moved too slowly for her, and too slowly to spare her children the tragedy they witnessed,” she continued. 

The system is broken beyond repair, according to Gibson’s loved ones, but for the sake of other women and children in Dawson County that might be facing similar situations, Gibson’s family is ready to fight for change. 

“We will not allow Amy’s death to be in vain. If you believe someone you love is in danger, please do all that you can to encourage quick action, no matter how extreme it may seem at the time,” Peterson said. 

Closing out the ceremony and her remarks, Peterson said that anyone with questions or concerns about their situation, or the situation of a loved one should call the National Domestic Violence Hotline and work with someone trusted to create an escape plan. 

"Amy we love you, we miss you and we will honor you," she said. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-7233 or by visiting