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War Hill Boat Ramp re-opens
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The War Hill Boat Ramp reopened last week, after being closed down for a month because of the lake’s low water level.


“It just became unsafe, so we had no choice but to close the boat ramp,” said Cathy Brooks, representative for Dawson County Government and Community Affairs.


However, an increased amount of rain in the past month has caused the water level in the lake to rise.


In light of this development, Dawson County Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Henson, decided to re-open the boat ramp on Sept. 3.


Crews from Dawson County Facilities Department came out to prepare the ramp for boaters again. 


“Recent rains have caused lake levels to rise enabling us to reopen the ramp,” said Henson. “If lake levels decrease again to the point where safety becomes an issue, we may face closure again,” she warned.  Henson assures that the county will monitor lake levels carefully to determine ramp usage.


The War Hill Boat Ramp is open for now, but only Mother Nature will determine its future. If water levels diminish to such a low level again, Dawson County Parks and Recreation will be forced to close the boat ramp down again as a safety measure.


“Only time will tell whether we have to close it again,” said Brooks.