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Uncle Dell will be back on television
Local to be on History Channel
Uncle Dell pic
Dell Conner

Dawson County resident Dell Conner is making a History Channel appearance March 22 on a television show where two hosts scour the country for antiques and collectibles.


A few months back, the crew of “American Pickers” visited Conner’s antique shop on Hwy. 53, where they quizzed him on his interest in recycled relics and pop culture artifacts.


“They came and interviewed me for about four hours,” said Conner March 12. “Now, by the time they get it through the cutting room, it’ll probably be a couple minutes long.”


The hour-long show follows hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they hunt for antiques. According to the History Channel’s Web site, the men search “basements, garages and barns, meeting people and hearing their amazing stories.”


Conner said the show is right up his alley. “I’ve always referred to myself as the Junkin’ Junky,” he said. “Folks like us, we love to collect all the old stuff.”


He added that the television hosts were “nice guys, and the whole thing was a real hoot.”


Following the television interview, Conner —a longtime musician —said he found inspiration and penned a new song, “Junkin’ Junky.”


“As soon as we got through doing the whole thing, I thought: ‘Well, I’m going to write about the experience,’” he said.


It’s the second time he’s been featured on the channel. Back in 2004, Conner was interviewed by Roger Daltrey of classic rock and roll band, The Who, for his show “Extreme History with Roger Daltrey.”


“American Pickers” airs at 9 p.m. March 22 on the History Channel.