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Two bodies found in boat at Mary Alice Park in Forsyth in what police call "tragic accident"
Lake Lanier
Lake Lanier as seen from the air in July 2017. - photo by Nick Bowman

Two men have been found dead in a boat at Mary Alice Park in Forsyth County, in what authorities are calling a "tragic accident."

Information from police indicates the men died of carbon monoxide exposure.

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, along with the Cumming Police Department, the Forsyth County Fire Department and EMS, responded to a call from Mary Alice Park, on the southeast corner of Lake Lanier, just before 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8, in reference to the two bodies found on the boat, the report says.

The two men were later identified as 22-year-old Scott Landeck and 31-year-old Brian Landeck, both of Cumming.

Upon arrival, sheriff's deputies learned that three family members went out on their boat Friday evening to spend the night on the boat at an island on Lake Lanier, said Stacie Miller, a spokesperson for the FCSO.

"When family members arrived Saturday the two men were unresponsive. Family members towed the boat to Mary Alice Park," she said. "A third male was disoriented, (and) he was taken to a local hospital and is being treated for carbon monoxide exposure." 

Authorities say a generator was located on the boat, and though it was in an area that was not enclosed, carbon monoxide exhaust could not escape the boat. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless. 

"Instead it filled the cabin where the men were sleeping," Miller said. "Please remember when using a generator ensure its positioning allows for the exhaust to dissipate safely away from any occupants. "

Sabrina Kerns, of Forsyth County News, contributed to this report.