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On the trail: Dawson native talks working on Kemp campaign
Cody Hall is press secretary for governor elect
I-Cody Hall pic 1.JPG
Dawson County native Cody Hall serves as press secretary for Governor Elect Brian Kemp. - photo by Allie Dean
Cody Hall comes from several generations of Dawson County residents. A star soccer player, chamber singer and honor student, he graduated from Dawson County High School in 2012 as class president with political aspirations and a wide world ahead. He’s currently helping Governor Elect Brian Kemp transition into the highest office in the state- the governor’s office at the capitol- as part of his duties as press secretary for Kemp’s campaign. Hall calls the position a “dream job.” And for the founder of the Dawson County Teenage Republicans club in high school, it’s a job he’s well prepared for.