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Tolin announces run for District 9 seat
Tyler Tolin
Tyler Tolin

This week Dawson County man, Tyler Tolin, a former Marine and Army Airborne Ranger, announced his run for Georgia’s 9th District seat.

“I believe as a country we are headed for troubling times. For too long, Washington DC has been plagued with corruption and politics. Politicians have used and abused the system at every level from the local community, to the State and Federal government,” Tolin announced on Feb. 19 via his campaign website. “Politicians have done nothing but enrich themselves, set rules for us to live by, but not themselves.”

According to his announcement, Tolin enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1998. After seven years and three units, he earned his way to the Marine Corps Anti-Terrorism unit Fast Company before deciding to switch to the Army and served as an Army Airborne Ranger for tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tolin’s campaign platform includes a focus on strict constitutionalism, pro-life policies, anti-red flag laws, lowering taxes, cutting down on student loan debt, reforming welfare and immigration and combatting human trafficking.

“I swear my oath again to the great American patriots of Georgia’s 9th District, to fight for their rights, defend the 2nd Amendment, cut taxes, support pro-life, cut foreign aid, build the wall and bring God back to the forefront of American life,” Tolin stated.

Georgia’s 9th Congressional district includes Dawson, Lumpkin and Forsyth County.

Tolin joins a number of candidates who have announced intentions to run for Georgia’s 9th district seat which has been held by Rep. Kevin Tanner for four terms.