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These four Flowery Branch teenagers are changing how people take out the trash
trash cans
Friends in Gainesville started the business Clean Canz that is basically a trash lining subscription service that helps with unwanted smells, insect infestations and bacteria in trash bins. The company founders are from the left, Anthony Grutadaurio, Ethan McKay, Cameron Ackerman and Tyler Blaylock. - photo by Scott Rogers, DCN Regional Staff
Taking out the trash isn’t just a chore for the four teenage owners of Clean Canz. Cameron Ackerman, Tyler Blaylock, Ethan McKay and Anthony Grutadaurio launched a business about a month ago that sells subscriptions to 95-gallon trash bin liners. Customers can choose the length of their subscription, or opt for a one-time purchase. With the subscription, people use one liner a week, which costs 80 cents a piece. Blaylock said the product is designed to eliminate dirt, bacteria, odors and pests commonly found in trash bins. People place the liner in their trash bin, fold its top edges over the outside of the container’s rim and use a giant rubber band to secure it in place.