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The bees are back in town: Here’s what honey experts have to say this spring
I-Honeybees pic 2.jpg
Fascinated by bees, Ron Campbell has more than 20 hives he tends at his Lula home. - Photo by Scott Rogers, DCN Regional Staff
If you’re beginning to see honey bees in your yard, you’re not alone. As the weather begins to get warmer, honey bees become more active and beekeepers start reaping the benefits. “They’re amazing little creatures,” said Ron Campbell, who runs his honey operation out of his backyard in Lula. The 72-year-old has been at it since he was 24, but took a long break once he got a job that required him to travel. He couldn’t keep up with the bees, but started again almost 10 years ago when he settled down. He now keeps up with 23 hives at his home, and even with all the work needed to keep thousands of bees buzzing, he usually gives most of their honey away to friends and family. After retiring in March, though, he’s looking forward to selling it at the Hall County Farmers Market and starting to make a little money off his hard work — and the hard work of his bees.