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Sheriff files lawsuit against BOC over budget
Holds meeting to address public concerns
SO budget meeting
Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson addresses a room made up mostly of his employees at a meeting Nov. 6, where the sheriff and his attorney discussed their lawsuit against the board of commissioners over the disputed 2018 budget. - photo by Allie Dean
A dozen citizens and just as many sheriff’s office employees attended a public meeting Monday night held by Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson. The topic of discussion was the disputed 2018 sheriff’s office budget, which Johnson claims does not provide him with adequate funds to run his department and provide law enforcement to the county. The $38.6 million budget was set Sept. 21 by the board of commissioners and allocates $8.2 million to the sheriff. Johnson said that if the budget doesn’t change, next year he will have to make tough decisions on what areas to cut.