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See how bullfighters fared in Gainesville event on Saturday
bullfighting 1
Weston Rutkowski leaps over a bull during the Bullfighters Only Southern Classic at Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center on Saturday, June 29, 2019. - Photo by Austin Steele, DCN Regional Staff
Bulls made a visit to the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center in Gainesville Saturday, June 29, and they weren’t there to be ridden. They were there to fight. Bullfighters Only made its way to town with 15 bullfighters from around the country to see who could last the longest and rack up the most points in a minute against an angry bull. “This is a full-blown action sport,” said Luke Kaufmann, organizer for the event. “And this is the largest freestyle bullfighting event that’s been done east of the Mississippi as far as money and number of contestants.” Bullfighters stand in the middle of the ring as a bull is released and charges toward them. The bullfighter has to stay engaged with the bull by dodging it in whatever way he can.