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Rotary team is Smarter than a 10 year-old
Great Lakes question sinks defending champs
3 Are you smarter pic
Rotarians Doug Powell, Kathy Fuller and Warren King can brag that they are indeed smarter than a 10 year-old after winning the third annual competition Oct. 11 at Dawson County Middle School. - photo by Michele Hester Dawson Community News

It's not technically a trick question, but tricky all the same to nearly everyone gathered Oct. 11 at Dawson County Middle School.

"Name all of the states that border the Great Lakes," said emcee Gary Pichon during the Reading Education Association of Dawson County's annual "Are You Smarter than a 10 Year-Old" competition.

When Warren King, a retiree who traveled the world during a career as a fuel executive, heard the question, he knew he had the win in the bag.

"Everyone always forgets Minnesota," he said.

King and his Dawson County Rotary team of Kathy Fuller and Doug Powell answered correctly to claim the title.

In addition to Minnesota, the correct answer included: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The annual competition, which benefits the literacy group Reading Education Association of Dawson County, is set up much like Jeff Foxworthy's game show, asking questions taught at the elementary school level.

Fifth-graders from each of the county's elementary schools were on hand to help out if the questions were too difficult, a component that pleased Georgia first lady Sandra Deal, the evening's keynote speaker.

"Learning that education can be fun is half the battle, and you've made it fun tonight," Deal said.

"[Gov.] Nathan [Deal] and I both believe that literacy is key to success. There are very few people who make it without an education."

Three of the 10 teams made it to the grand prize, million point round, but only King was able to answer correctly, defeating two-time reigning champions Dawson County Woman's Club.

A team representing PrintWave also made it to the final round.

"Without reading, it's difficult to do anything else," King said.

Sandy Lipkowitz, the organization's executive director, called the contest, which raises funds for literacy initiatives in the community, a success.

"And we are so proud and honored the First Lady joined us tonight," she said.

A portion of the event's proceeds will go toward a scholarship for a graduating Dawson County High School senior this spring.

READ will sponsor the scholarship in the name of Walmart, which was selected from among about two dozen local businesses and individuals that helped sponsor the event by purchasing letters in an alphabet raffle.