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Ronda Rich’s new book a compendium of early columns
Gainesville author celebrating 15 years of telling Southern stories
I-Ronda Rich book, Ronda MUG.jpg
Ronda Rich. - photo by For the Dawson County News
Gainesville native Ronda Rich has written over 900 columns for newspapers in the past 15 years, or hundreds of thousands of words at an average of five columns a week. “What I’ve discovered is that people like to remember — they don’t like to be reminded in today’s world,” Rich said about her writing. “That’s what I set out every week to do — is to give my readers 15 minutes of remembering, not being reminded.” Her syndicated column runs in 50 newspapers across the Southeast. “It’s been very successful because all I do is tell stories that make people feel good for a few minutes,” she said. “It either makes them remember something nostalgic for them, or it makes them laugh or occasionally emotional, thinking back over the loss of someone.”