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Restaurant Scores: Sept. 4-5, 2019
restaurant scores

The following are food service businesses that were inspected by the Dawson County Environmental Health Department from Sept. 4-5, 2019. A score of 69 or less is failing.

Visit the Dawson County Public Health Inspection Page for a searchable list of food service scores


Sept. 4


332 Hwy. 9 N, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 100, Grade: A



244 S 400 Center Lane, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 93, Grade: A


Sept. 5


12 Dawson Market Way STE 300, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 86, Grade: B

Notes: 6 large covered hotel pans of queso filled 3/4 full cooked and begun cooling before 12:00PM per manager and temperature check of queso at 2:30PM in walk-in cooler with temperatures of 75F to 89F. Chicken burrito filling cooling on counter 45 minutes per manager at start of inspection with temperatures of 120F, 128F, 137F, 142F. after 1.5 hours after put on ice 71F, 76F, 87F, 120F, 129F and after two hours with more ice, 66F, 74F, 78F, and 92F. Time/temperature control for safety foods that are cooked and cooled for cold holding must be cooled from 135F to 70 within two hours (and from 135F to 41F within a total of 6 hours). COS: The six containers of queso voluntarily discarded. Discussed cooling queso using ice bath and also putting queso in shallower containers and cracking lids to allow heat to continue to escape in cooler after queso cooled from 135F to 70F within two hours. Chicken burrito filling put on ice after first check (45 min), added more ice at 1.5 hours and voluntarily discarded pans of chicken over 70F at two hours cooling. Chicken burrito filling cooling on counter 45 minutes per manager at start of inspection with temperatures of 120F, 128F, 137F, 142F after 1.5 hours temperatures 120F - 129F. Rapid cooling methods not being used for time/temperature control for safety foods (TCS) that require cooling for cold holding. TCS foods either left out on counter to cool slightly or put on ice with ice only contacting bottoms of containers. Ice paddle is available. Make sure containers are sunk into ice up to top of cooling container and use ice paddle. Use shallow containers for cooling thick food products and cover loosely in walk-in to allow for continued cooling until required time/temperature reached. COS: Corrected cooling methods during inspection but some too late to be effective. Dumpster missing drain plug. To keep liquids from leaking out of the dumpster and to prevent insect/rodent entry into the dumpster, replace and keep drain plug in place. Trash/grease on ground around dumpster. Keep dumpster area clean to prevent attraction for insects/rodents.



407 Allen St., Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 100, Grade: A