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Restaurant Scores: Nov. 4-8, 2019
restaurant scores

The following are food service businesses that were inspected by the Dawson County Environmental Health Department from Nov. 4-8, 2019. A score of 69 or less is failing.

Visit the Dawson County Public Health Inspection Page for a searchable list of food service scores


Nov. 4



355 Quill Drive, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 89, Grade: B

Notes: Walk-in cooler holding time/temperature control for safety foods above required 41F or below - see temperature observations. Time/temperature control for safety foods to be cold held must be held at 41F or below. COS: Time temperature control for safety foods above 41F were voluntarily discarded - cooked chicken wings (3), cooked chicken breasts, cooked lasagna. Deli meat 44F/45F moved to freezer to cool t 41F and will be put back in walk-in cooler. Walk-in cooler temperature adjusted colder - recommend contacting service technician to also check walk-in cooler. Baseboard peeling away from wall and/or missing behind pizza oven, behind prep table next to pizza oven, behind 3-compartment sink and back prep table. Walls/frp damaged at corner of half wall to back prep area and wall next to walk-in cooler. Damaged walls and baseboard can allow for accumulation of grease/food/water and allow for pest harborage (walls) and these areas cannot be cleaned properly when damaged. Plan needs to be developed on time frame for repairing these areas. Floors need better cleaning behind equipment and in corners - food/debris accumulation.


Nov. 6



205 N 400 Center Lane, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 96. Grade: A


Nov. 7



219 Crossroad Blvd. STE 110, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 89, Grade: B

Notes: Pans of cheese dip put into walk-in cooler last night to cool with temperatures between 46F - 48F after over 12 hours in the walk-in cooler. Although ice baths are used to cool, temperatures are not monitored to ensure cooling from 135F to 70 takes place in 2 hours and cooling from 135F to 41F does not exceed 6 hours. COS: Cheese dip voluntarily discarded. Discussed the need to monitor cooling temperatures, using shallow pans for the ice bath and possibly starting the cooling in the walk-in freezer (some coked items already being cooled using walk-in freezer).




79 Hwy. 9 N, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 99, Grade: A


Nov. 8



326 S 400 Center Lane, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 96, Grade: A