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Restaurant Scores: Feb. 20-28, 2020
restaurant scores

The following are food service businesses that were inspected by the Dawson County Environmental Health Department from Feb. 20-28 2020. A score of 69 or less is failing.

Visit the Dawson County Public Health Inspection Page for a searchable list of food service scores:


Feb. 20


19 Tucker Ave., Dawsonville, GA 30534

Score: 91, Grade: A


Feb. 24


241 Nix Bridge Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Score: 96, Grade: A


Feb. 25


236 Hwy. 53 W, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Score: 85, Grade: B

Notes: Brisket hot holding in alto sham at 113F - 115F degrees. Time/temp control for safety foods to be hot held for service must be held at 135F or above. COS: Brisket voluntarily discarded and alto sham temperature and time/temperature control for safety foods hot held in unit will be monitored more closely to verify unit is working correctly. No test strips available to monitor the strength of sanitizer (QUAT)being dispensed at 3-compartment sink for sanitizing kitchenware/utensils and to fill spray bottles to be used to sanitize dining tables and prep surfaces in the kitchen. Replace test strips. Accumulation of grease and food on table top under flat top grill. Clean frequently to prevent build-up that can be attraction for pests. Large hole in wall behind vanity in women's restroom, hole in wall to left of vanity in men's restroom and holes in wall beside and behind 3-compartment sink in dishwashing area. To prevent areas for pest harborage and to keep walls easy to clean, keep walls in good repair. Accumulation of grease on floor and at floor/wall juncture under fryers and behind table with flat top grill. Clean frequently to prevent build-up that can be attraction for pests. Evidence of rodent activity under 3-compartment sink in back room and inside vanities in restrooms. Any holes in walls (restrooms and around 3-compartment sink) need to also be sealed to prevent areas of harborage for insects/rodents. Per CFSM and owner, the suite restaurant is located in is to have all outside entry points sealed and inside is to be targeted for stepped up pest control to help eliminate harborage. Once holes sealed and pest control in place, clean floors and inside vanities frequently to monitor activity and very control measures are working.


Feb. 28


6222 Hwy. 53 E STE B100, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Score: 71, Grade: C

Notes: No PIC at time of inspection, one food handler reported as manager, not a Certified Food Safety Manager, and had only been at this location a week and referred all questions to another food handler who could not answer any questions associated with the operation - deliveries, how time instead of temperature is used to hold pizzas prior to reheating in oven. A Person in Charge needs to be designated and trained for this operation. Food handler washed hands, began prepping pizzas with bandage on finger. Per food handler, gloves are in locked office and cannot be accessed when manager is not at the store. When employee removed bandage, cut was still bleeding and needed to be re- bandaged. COS: Cut on hand re-bandaged, hands washed and several pairs of gloves provided for use by EHS. Whatever is needed for day to day operations must be available at all times for use. Neither food employee had been informed in a verifiable manner about their responsibility to report to the person in charge (PIC), information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible through food. PIC/Certified Food Safety Manager has been given state guidance form for use on last inspection. Open Monster drink on prep table next to dough rounder, travel mug and half consumed bottle of Pepsi on shelf under this prep table. Drinks may be in the kitchen if they are in a disposable (single-service) cup with a secure lid and straw and stored to prevent any possible contamination of food/food contact surfaces. COS: Monster drink and travel mug taken to office area, Pepsi discarded. Sheet pans for pizza dough, Lexan containers, pizza cutters and other small wares in basket above 3-compartment sink with food residue on/in them after being cleaned and sanitized. After cleaning and sanitizing, recheck pans/equipment for cleanliness before storage. All these items need to be re-cleaned and sanitized before next use. No thermometer could be located for use in monitoring cold and hot held time and temperature control for safety foods in pizza makeline, walk-in cooler and hot holding pass thru. Thermometer needs to be located and/or replaced if not located. Pizza makeline cooler and hot holding pass-thru with damaged and dirty gaskets. Keep gaskets clean and in good repair to allow for easy and frequent cleaning. Metal shelving rack used to store clean and sanitized kitchenware/utensils with dried food debris/grease on slats. Rolling racks used to store uncooked pizzas with large build-up of food debris on all of the slides. To prevent contamination of clean and sanitized kitchenware/utensils and food, shelving and rolling racks need to be cleaned more frequently. Floor needs a good cleaning throughout back prep area - accumulation of food debris/grease and dirt under 3-compartment sink, prep sink, shelving and dough mixer. Clean frequently to prevent build-up that can be attraction for insects/rodents.