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Renovated Dahlonega Gold Museum reopened June 18
Dahlonega museum pic
The Dahlonega Gold Museum was recently renovated to include exhibits that focus on the Dahlonega Gold Rush, the Dahlonega branch of the Federal Mint and the building’s time as the Lumpkin County Courthouse. Photo via Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site recently reopened its newly renovated building and exhibits to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 18.

Steeped in gold and rich history, the historically prominent Dahlonega Gold Museum previously served as the acting courthouse of Lumpkin County from 1836 to 1965. When beginning the renovation process, the collective goal of site staff was to capture the ambiance of a court session by creating displays that would take visitors back in time to the 1940s.

This goal was accomplished by building a scrim wall and using a photo taken from 1942 as wallpaper throughout the facility. The photo, utilized as a visual aid to transport guests back in time, was previously featured in Life Magazine and effectively highlights the eclectic city of Dahlonega and the Old Lumpkin County Courthouse.

“The renovations consisted of a complete overhaul of our exhibits,” said Historic Site Manager Sam McDuffie. “Signature Design, LLC really captured the History of Dahlonega through their design and Building Four, LLC brought the vision to life.”

The design phase of the renovation took three years and construction officially began in January of 2018. The new exhibits were based on three specific themes: the Dahlonega Gold Rush, the Dahlonega branch of the Federal Mint and the Lumpkin County Courthouse.

The Gold Rush narrative incorporates Benjamin Parks, the Georgia Land Lottery, the Trail of Tears and life during the Gold Rush days of Dahlonega.

Through the new Dahlonega mint exhibit, guests will gain insight into the coining process via captivating displays of the coin and gold collections.

“Dahlonega’s Gold Museum is the history and heritage centerpiece of the city’s charming and award-winning Historic Public Square,” said David Zunker, tourism director of the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Chamber and Visitors Bureau. “This revitalized treasure is the best place to learn the history behind how Dahlonega became the city it is today through an authentic experience, state-of-the-art displays and a variety of rare and priceless Dahlonega-minted coin collections.” 

Not only will visitor experiences and senses be heightened by the visually pleasing and intricate exhibit renovations, but the museum will continue to also offer their two popular escape rooms in July.

Venture through history by choosing from either the “Hung Jury,” which is set in the year 1855, or the “Mystery at the Mint,” set in 1862. During both formats, guests will look for clues, solve puzzles and examine real historical documents as the group works together to escape the room.

Tickets are $15 per person and must be purchased in advance. To make a reservation, please call the museum at (706) 864-2257.

For more information on the escape rooms, museum hours of operation and additional information, visit