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Property bills under appeal are still due
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Dawson County residents who received property tax bills that are in a status of appeal are still required to pay their annual property tax by the upcoming Dec. 1 deadline.

Dawson County Tax Commissioner Nicole Stewart wants property owners to be aware that although they may have received a bill that is in the status of appeal, the billed portion is still due by Dec. 1. The billed portion is 85 percent of the total bill due, unless 100 percent billed was chosen during the appeal application process.

The tax assessor’s office has up to one full year to settle all appeals and until that time the billed portion that went out with regular property tax bills is still due. Any unpaid appeal-status bills will accrue penalties if the Dec. 1 deadline is missed.

Over the last year, every property in Dawson County was reassessed and as a result many residents saw an increase in their annual property tax bill. 

For those who chose to appeal the assessed value, the appeals process is still ongoing.

Once the appeal process is finalized, residents will either have a refund issued or will be sent a second bill for the remaining amount due.

In the interim, all current appeal status bills are due.