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Presidential election recount completed in Dawson County

Dawson County elections officials have officially completed a ballot recount from the Nov. 3 general election and report that the count has not changed since election day.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenserger formally called for a hand recount of nearly 5 million ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election last week, amid growing – and unproven – accusations of voter fraud.

Glenda Ferguson, Director of Dawson County Board of Elections and Registration, said that the risk-limiting audit, which is a way of checking if computers tabulated election results correctly, was completed in Dawson County on Friday, Nov. 13 and that paperwork was sent in to state officials on Monday.

“We finalized counting on Friday, and then we finalized the paperwork today, so it’s totally complete today,” Ferguson said. “And we are right on with the general election count — the election summary report and the manual risk-limiting audit proved to come out with the same numbers.” 

After polls closed on election day, officials reported that 16,146 Dawson County residents cast ballots in the election, 75 percent of the county’s 21,529 eligible voters. 

Donald Trump carried Dawson County in the election, earning 13,398 of the votes cast. Democrat challenger Joseph R. Biden received 2,486 votes, while Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen received 197 votes. 

The statewide margin for the presidential election was much narrower, according to data reported by the Secretary of State’s office. Biden received approximately 49.5 percent of votes cast in Georgia, 2,472,050 votes to Trump’s 49.24 percent, 2,457,895 votes.  

As of last Wednesday, Raffensperger and his staff reported that they had not discovered any evidence of substantial ballot-casting fraud yet but have pledged to investigate credible allegations that may arise.

“Anecdotes and stories don’t work,” Raffensperger said Wednesday. “We need something we can actually investigate.”

All 159 county elections boards in Georgia will have until the certification deadline of Nov. 20 to count by hand every in-person, mail-in and provisional ballot cast in the election.

DCN Editor Alexander Popp and Capitol Beat News Service contributed to this report.