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Popeyes eyes mid-January return
The empty Popeyes building on Ga. 400 sits looking exactly as it did when open, fueling over 18 months of speculation as to whether the location would resurface. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen will bring its viral chicken sandwich back to Dawson County soon.

Local buzz around the restaurant started up again when the restaurant had a health inspection after Christmas.

According to sources in the county’s planning and development offices, the process is underway to apply for a new business license.

The same source said that Popeyes could be targeting a reopen as early as mid-January, though no date is set in stone.

Popeyes opened its doors in 2013 amid the early rush around Ga. 400, right around the same time as other restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts. But the restaurant shut down in 2018, citing staffing issues.

The closed building was always a bit of a mystery to residents of the county, spawning much furious debate on Facebook and going so far as inspiring YouTube vloggers to post videos exploring the grounds and peeping inside.

People found it strange that the building sat pristine for well over a year, without a sign or promotional flag taken down, fueling speculation and debate about whether it was going to reopen. Those rumors can now be confirmed.