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Planning commission rejects Chestatee master plan update
Residents oppose change in lot size, building standards
Chestatee pic
Chestatee developer Brian Ferris presents an application to amend the master plan of the subdivision so that he can add 11 extra lots during a Dawson County Planning Commission meeting May 15. - photo by Allie Dean
Chestatee developer Brian Ferris hopes to amend the subdivision’s master plan to allow for 11 more lots in a developed section of the subdivision known as Linkside, much to the dismay of residents in the rest of the subdivision. The Linkside section is located on Nightfire Lane, the first road on the right after entering the Chestatee subdivision. In Ferris’ application, filed April 11, he states that there are 46 lots in the Linkside section and all have a width of approximately 100 feet. Eleven of the original lots have been sold, and Ferris is requesting that the width of the remaining 34 lots, which have not been sold, be decreased from 100 feet to 70 feet.