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Park closes boat ramps as Lanier water levels near 4-year low
A-Drought closes ramps pic1
Three of the four boat ramps for public use at War Hill Park in Dawsonville have been closed as water levels in Lake Lanier hit a 4-year low. The fourth ramp, an extended low water ramp, remains open. - photo by Allie Dean Dawson County News
Dawson County officials closed three of four boat launching ramps at War Hill Park last week, citing the constantly receding water level in Lake Lanier as a safety hazard for boats going in and out of the water. Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Henson said that the fourth ramp, a lower water lamp, was extended a few years ago when there was a drought and will remain open for public use. War Hill Park is one of the few public parks on Lake Lanier with a low water ramp.