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Officials urge safety when burning brush
Fire Safety pic
Dawson County emergency personnel responded to a fire Nov. 14 off of Bailey Waters Road. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

With the burn ban in Dawson County lifted and a fair amount of rain the past few months, residents have been burning leaves and other trash in their yards more frequently.

Fires have been cropping up across the county, the latest two occurring last week, with two brush fires, the largest of which on Burnt Mountain and one at a home off Bailey Waters Road.

The cause of the 5.3-acre brush fire has yet to be determined, according to Carolyn Sweatman, chief ranger for Dawson and Forsyth counties.

"There were no sign of any debris burning being done in the area and no power lines crossing the fire area," she said. "The fire probably had been burning for several hours, and was spreading at a low rate of speed due to it being at night and the humidity was higher."

Dawson County fire crews responded to a call of a building "fully engulfed," according to dispatchers, on Nov. 14. While the fire turned out to be a shed and not a home, property was still damaged.

Sweatman gave a few tips when it comes to burning outdoors and near homes and wooded areas.

"First of all, make sure the area around the burn is clean of debris that could burn," she said. "Have a water hose nearby unrolled with the water on if possible."

Sweatman also stressed that fires should never be left unattended and to be mindful of the weather.

"Put your fire out if the wind gets up and starts to blow embers across your containment area," she said.

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