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North Georgia family featured in Dawsonville House Hunters episode
house hunters 1
A local family was recently featured in an episode of the TV show "House Hunters". (photo courtesy of Kristie Myers)

A recently aired episode of “House Hunters” was filmed partially in Dawsonville, featuring a local family and real estate broker. 

Kristie Myers, associate broker and partner at the Norton Agency, said that it all started when her stepson Michael and his wife Haley were looking for a new house, and Michael sent in an application for the television show “House Hunters”. 

“Michael and Haley met in theater, so he’s always been intrigued by film and TV, so when we started the process he put us in for House Hunters,” Myers said. “One day I was going through my emails and got this one that said ‘you’ve been selected for House Hunters’ and I thought it wasn’t real, but went back and looked and it was.” 

After an interview process with the producer of the show, film crews came in last November and spent five days filming the episode of the show in locations in both Dawsonville and Gainesville. The episode aired at the end of October. 

house hunters 2
Real estate broker and Dawson County resident Kristie Myers was featured as the broker in the show as well as the mother of the young couple house hunting. (photo courtesy of Kristie Myers)

“They took a family approach to this one, so they came to our house first and filmed our whole family having dinner in our kitchen in Chestatee Bend in Dawsonville,” Myers said. “Then we looked at three houses, two in Gainesville and one in Dawsonville.” 

While the couple ultimately decided to go with one of the houses in Gainesville, Myers said that a good portion of the episode was filmed in Dawsonville, between the footage filmed at her own house with her family and the second house option which was also local to Dawsonville. 

“The house that we looked at in Dawsonville was House #2 and it’s in Dawsonville Heights,’ Myers said. “It was a lovely house, and we were there all day long filming.”

Myers said the experience of filming the episode was overall very positive, and that throughout the process she was able to help involve other vendors local to Dawsonville. 

“We ordered takeout from I Love New York Pizza and had that at our house over off Dawson Forest, and we had a local guy do the drone footage,” Myers said, "so we were able to use some local vendors everywhere that we went.” 

According to Myers, one of her favorite parts of filming was getting to capture the dynamic of her family through the show. 

“My husband Joey and I have been together for almost 17 years, so our children have kind of grown up together,” Myers said. “We laugh a lot and make that a priority, and people just thought we were very natural and very funny which is really what I’d hoped would come across.”

Myers said that the episode ended up being focused a little more on Gainesville because the couple ended up choosing the house option in Gainesville, but that the producers asked her to participate in future episodes of House Hunters so she hopes those will be able to bring more publicity to Dawsonville. 

“The producers said I was easy to work with and want me to do future episodes, so I’m really hoping I can find something interesting to do it again and make it a lot more Dawsonville-centric,” Myers said. 

You can watch the House Hunters episode, “Baby Fever in Georgia”, online at