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New developments in missing mans case emerge
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New developments in the case of missing man Quinton Jimmy Walls have investigators following a cold trail that started when Walls was reported missing on June 8, 2015. His truck was found abandoned in Dawson Forest, and investigators at the time saw no evidence of foul play. As Walls 52nd birthday passes, the sheriffs office have renewed hope that new information could lead to answers for Walls family. - photo by For the Dawson County News

Dawson County investigators say they're putting fresh eyes on three local cases that have left many stupefied and searching fruitlessly for answers.

One case, that of missing 52-year-old Quinton "Jimmy" Walls, has been on the sheriff's office radar since his truck was found abandoned in Dawson Forest over a year and a half ago.

Walls was last heard from on June 6, 2015, when he spoke by phone to his daughter about meeting at church the next morning.

That call appears to have been the last time Walls used his cellphone, according to records collected by Dawson County Sheriff's investigators.

He was reported missing on June 8, and his truck was found near the horse trailer parking lot in the management area off Dawson Forest Road that day. There was no evidence of foul play.

Authorities found a red polo-style shirt on scene, which Wall's mother Gracie Lou Walls claims belongs to her son.

Feb. 14 was Walls' 52nd birthday.

Newly-hired sheriff's office investigator Patrick Apoian said that there have been a few new developments in the case regarding potential persons of interest.

Because the investigation is ongoing, Apoian could release no specifics.

In an interview on Feb. 8, Apoian said that he will not leave a stone unturned as the search for Walls continues.

"I really think that if we just keep on pushing along, eventually somebody is going to come forward," Apoian said. "We're trying and we're doing the best we can. I don't want to say closure, because if the end result is that he is not with us anymore then there is never really closure for the family, there's still that open wound, but I believe that we can all agree that we hope to bring them an answer."

Johnson echoed Apoian's sentiments.

"We certainly hope it turns out well and that he is located alive and well, but regardless [Walls' mother] needs closure," he said. "She's a sweet lady and I hate to see her suffer as she is right now."

Jimmy Walls is described as 5'9" and weighs about 165 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

His family said he was wearing blue jeans and a checkered shirt when they last saw him.

Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta have announced a $2,000 reward for anyone with any information regarding Walls to come forward.

Investigators are also digging up two cold cases that they say time and a fresh perspective may help shed light.

The sheriff's office are working to obtain case files from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that include the unsolved 1997 murder of 11-year old Levi Frady, who went missing on Oct. 22, 1997 and was found murdered the next day in the Dawson Forest, and the case of Patrice Endres, a 38-year-old salon owner from Cumming, who went missing in April 2004 and whose remains were discovered in December 2005 behind a church off Kelly Bridge Road.

The trail for both has since gone cold, but investigators are sure that someone out there knows something.

"I want to be very careful not to play in somebody else's sandboxes until we get the cases back, but I will tell you that I believe in my heart that between Sheriff Johnson and Sheriff Freeman in Forsyth County and the people that we have here that we will find the answers," Apoian said. "We have extremely good people in both counties that are willing to work together with the GBI to find the truth.

"I think we need the answers," Apoian added. "I think it's been long enough."

If you have information regarding any of these cases, contact Greater Atlanta Crime Stoppers at (404)-577-TIPS or the Dawson County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number at (706)-344-3636.