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Mountain Education seeking users for Purposity app to help children in need
Photo by David Švihovec on Unsplash.

Mountain Education Charter High School in Dawson is currently working hard to gain followers on Purposity, an app that will allow community members to help meet basic needs of students within the school. 

According to Kayla Sims, counselor and social worker for Mountain Education, the way Purposity is set up makes it easy for anyone to help out students who are in need. 

“We’ll put our students’ needs on there, so like when it’s getting to be winter time we’re gonna need new shoes and winter coats, I had a student a few weeks ago asking for shampoo — so things that most people consider basic necessities but our students can’t afford,” Sims said. “So I’ll put that on Purposity, and if you’re a follower of your account you can click ‘meet the need’ and it’ll basically purchase the product when you click the button, the product will be sent directly to me and then I will get it to the student.” 

Being able to purchase what the student needs through Purposity takes the guesswork out of wondering if clothing will fit, if the student will like the clothing choice, or any other questions that may arise while shopping. 

“It’s great for several reasons, and one is that it’s just really convenient,” Sims said. “You don’t have to shop or wonder if the kid is gonna like this cause we’ve already done all that.” 

The only problem? Mountain Education can’t start using Purposity until the school gains 200 followers on the app, and currently the Dawsonville location only has 26.

“We can’t start using it until we get 200 followers,” Sims said. “So we have a long way to go.” 

Anyone can follow Mountain Education on Purposity with just a few simple steps, according to Sims. 

“The first thing is to download the app, set up your account and everything and then you can click where it says ‘organizations near me’ and that’s how you find all the Mountain Ed sites,” Sims said. “Click on that site and click ‘follow’, and then you’ll be notified whenever there’s a need.” 

When searching for Mountain Education on the app, Sims said to make sure to select the Dawsonville location. For followers who live in Dawsonville, this should be the top entry that comes up upon searching for Mountain Education. 

Just because you download the app and follow a school doesn’t mean you have to commit to giving anything if you don’t want to, and simply downloading the app and following Mountain Education will itself help, according to Sims. 

“Just because you follow, you’re not obligated to give anything, so if you want to follow and then delete the app and forget about it that’s fine,” Sims said. “Or if you want to give but you’re not able to at that moment you can just ignore the notifications; you don’t have to give just because you follow.” 

The app is one that many other schools use, and Mountain Education looks forward to being able to use it too, according to Sims. 

“I know they use it in Forsyth County Schools and Hall County Schools and they love it, so we’re really excited to get our followers so we can start using it,” Sims said. “A lot of people want to help our students, they just don’t know how, and this is the best way to do it.”