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Medals owner sought
Items found in foreclosed home
2 Medals Found pic
A collection of Vietnam War memorabilia, including a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, were found earlier this month in a foreclosed home in Dawsonville. - photo by Michele Hester Dawson Community News

A Purple Heart and Bronze Star are among a box of Vietnam War memorabilia a cleaning crew found earlier this month in a foreclosed home.

The medals were issued to U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Angel Perfirio Saez-Ramirez, who was killed in action while defending his platoon during an ambush in 1967.

Michael McMahon, commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Dahlonega post, said on Monday he hopes the artifacts were left behind in the Dawsonville home by mistake.

"I'm just hoping we can get these valuable artifacts back to his family," he said.

The medals were found in a box at a home on Pearl Chambers Drive. The real estate agent hired by the bank to sell the property turned the box over to McMahon.

Attorneys and bank officials with knowledge of the foreclosure declined to comment on the situation, the former property owners or the former tenants.

According to documents found with the medals, Saez-Ramirez was born May 3, 1932, in Orocuis, Puerto Rico, and is buried at the Fort Benning Main Post Cemetery.

A qualified jungle expert, he was serving with the 2nd Airborne Battalion 502nd Infantry at the time of his death.

The documentation listed a wife, Jeraldine Saez-Ramirez, brother Jose Manuel Saez-Ramirez and father, Carlos Saez-Ramirez, as next of kin.

As of last week, the fallen soldier's family had not been found.

"I've talked to a private investigator who wants to help, too," McMahon said.

He asked anyone with information about the family to contact him.

"I wish to make sure that these pieces of proud American history are returned to the family," he said.