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Matthew Crumpton, globetrotter
Matthew Crumpton runs around the track Thursday, July 25, 2019, at the Elbert L. Cabbell Field at Gainesville Middle School. A prolific runner, Crumpton has run every day for the past nine years, rain or shine, before and after surgery. He's on track to run the circumference of the globe. - photo by Scott Rogers, DCN Regional Staff
Matthew Crumpton wears a suit and tie to work every day, but he skips the tie on Fridays. That’s what he said he’s comfortable in and has always done. In the same way, Crumpton, emergency preparedness manager for the Northeast Georgia Health System, is only comfortable if he gets a run in every day. And he means every day. In almost the past nine years, Crumpton has logged 21,800-plus miles during his uninterrupted daily run, and he has no plans on breaking his streak anytime soon. “I think it's just become kind of part of who I am,” Crumpton said. “It defines a portion of my day (and) structure that's always consistent.”