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Man gets 120 years after breaking bones of 18-month-old child
Mother's case continues in court
Man gets 120 years Samples MUG
Mitchell Dewayne Samples - photo by For the Dawson County News

A Dawsonville man was sentenced earlier this month to serve 120 years after being found guilty of inflicting multiple serious injuries on an 18-month-old child.

Mitchell Dewayne Samples, 29, pleaded guilty Sept. 8 to nine counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, according to District Attorney Lee Darragh. Samples pled guilty to breaking the child’s arm and leg, burning the child’s hands and foot and causing other serious injuries, as well as failing to obtain medical treatment for the child.

Samples will serve 80 consecutive years on four of the charges and probation for the remainder.

Samples was arrested March 6 and indicted May 8 on 18 felony charges of first degree cruelty to children and seven felony counts of aggravated battery. The mother of the injured child, Amy Lynn King, 25, of Dawsonville, was arrested March 5 and indicted on nine felony charges of first degree cruelty to children. 

Man gets 120 years King MUG
Amy Lynn King - photo by For the Dawson County News
Darragh said that the case against King is ongoing.

Samples and King were accused of causing the child “cruel and excessive physical and mental pain by intentionally failing to seek medical treatment” for the child’s broken right arm, broken left leg, lacerated liver, lacerated spleen, burned right hand, burned left hand, burned left foot and for lancing burn blisters on the child’s hands. King was also accused of attempting to straighten the child’s broken leg.

Samples was charged with breaking the child’s arm and leg, striking the child with such force as to lacerate the child’s liver and spleen, burning the child’s hands and left foot and striking the child in the head and chest with a belt.

The two have been held in the Dawson County Detention Center without bail since their arrests.