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Local woman wins car
Game show mug

One Dawson County woman got her 15 minutes of fame this week...and then some.


Charla Bynum, who was a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal” Monday, played her cards right to win a brand-new Nissan Sentra.


It all started when Bynum, 30, went to visit some friends in California. They decided to go see the CBS game show.


“While we were in line for the show, a lady came by, asking everyone questions,” Bynum said. “She asked me some questions too, about my job and my life ... for whatever reason, she picked me.”


The show features a variety of different games contestants play to win prizes.


Once they win a prize, they’re presented with the opportunity to trade it for the chance to win a bigger prize.


“I won $500 and a trip to Canada,” Bynum said, “and [Host Wayne Brady] said I could either walk away with that or get what was behind door No. 1.”


She chose to forfeit what she’d already won, and it turned out it was a brand-new car behind the door.


Bynum played a game of chance with Brady in which they both picked a card from a row. The card with the highest number on the back of it would win.


Luck was on Bynum’s side.


Bynum said it was an “exciting and fun” experience.


Originally from Kansas, Bynum has lived in Dawsonville for more than a year. She is a caretaker.


“Let’s Make a Deal” was a television game show in the 1960s and ’70s, when it was hosted by Monty Hall from 1963-77. It has since been re-syndicated.