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Local 9/11 ceremony planned
Residents pay tribute to first responders
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Tim Satterfield remembers his exact whereabouts Sept. 11, 2001, when he learned terrorists had crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York and one in Pennsylvania.


Closer to his heart, Satterfield, Dawson County deputy chief of emergency services, remembers how he felt when he learned a cousin’s wife had been a flight attendant on the plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field.


“It was just surreal. Like it really wasn’t happening,” he said. “She had two little girls. My cousin had talked to her on the phone before it crashed.”


Seven years later, the attack weighs heavily on first responders, like Satterfield and the men and women that risk their lives on a daily basis for the public’s safety and peace of mind.


“We can never forget those who lost their lives that day,” said Satterfield. “Those firefighters that went up in those buildings — they knew they weren’t going to make it out.”


Dawson County Emergency Services and the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office invite the community to attend a special 9/11 service of remembrance at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 11  at the Dawson County Law Enforcement Center.


The Rev. Chad Rogers, chaplain for Dawson County Public Safety, in honor of the sacrifices made seven years ago, will reflect on the tragic events.


“This is to remind us that life is fragile and to challenge ourselves to take advantage of every day by loving our family and our friends,” Rogers said.


A 9/11 remembrance ceremony is also scheduled at Wal-Mart in Dawsonville just after 9 a.m. Thursday in front of the store.


All Dawson County first responders are also invited to stop by Peach Brandy Cottage in Dawsonville Thursday to pick up a dessert gift of gratitude from owners Alan Metzel and Caroline Christie. Choices include Ghirardelli Chocolate Trifle, Peach Brandy Cobbler and Triple Strawberry Trifle.


“We can’t imagine how tough it is to be there for the life threatening medical emergencies, the accidents, the fires, and helping people get through the worst days of their life,” Christie said.


“But we certainly do appreciate all of Dawson County’s first responders — and the great job you do.”


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