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Len Foote Hike Inn among 13 “Water Heroes” to be honored by Georgia Water Coalition
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After a five-mile trek, guests are welcomed to the Len Foote Hike Inn, nestled high in the north Georgia mountains at Amicalola Falls State Park. - photo by Jessica Taylor

The Len Foote Hike Inn was recently named one of the top 13 “clean water heroes” by the Georgia Water Coalition, and will be recognized at the 3rd annual Clean 13 Water Celebration held on March 12. 

According to a press release by the Georgia Water Coalition, the 13 honorees are to be recognized for their efforts to conserve water in the state and to help build stronger communities, cleaner rivers and a more sustainable future for Georgia.

“We are truly fortunate in the state of Georgia to have some remarkable companies, communities, and individuals who champion clean water,” Georgia Water Coalition Spokesperson Tally Sweat said in the release. “These honorees are trailblazers who strive to protect our shared water resources and serve as role models for others across the state and region. I am proud to help shine a much-deserved spotlight on their efforts.”

The Len Foote Hike Inn is on the list of honorees because of its efforts to be responsible in all areas, including water conservation, when it comes to the environment, the release states.

”A model of smart water and energy use and waste reduction, workers at the Inn spread the gospel of sustainability to their 10,000 guests that visit each year,” the release said.

According to the Hike Inn’s website, everything about the inn is designed to preserve the natural resources. This includes collecting rainwater for use in watering plants and trees, utilizing solar panels for energy, and the use of worm beds to recycle organic waste back into the soil.

Besides the Hike Inn, the other 12 honorees to be recognized are Amerson River Park in Macon, Rep. Debbie Buckner (D-Junction City), Truck Carlson of Savannah Riverkeeper, Flint River Soil & Water Conservation District, Fulton County, Georgia Association of Water Professionals, Georgia ForestWatch, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Terrapin Beer Company, Upper Flint River Working Group and Walton Electric Membership Corporation.

The Georgia Water Coalition has been working to help protect Georgia’s water since 2002, the release said, and the Clean 13 Water Celebration is a way for the organization to give back to businesses, communities and individuals who are helping to advance the Coalition’s mission. 

“The Georgia Water Coalition’s mission is to protect and care for Georgia’s surface and groundwater resources, which are essential for sustaining economic prosperity, providing clean and abundant drinking water, preserving diverse aquatic habitats for wildlife and recreation, strengthening property values, and protecting the quality of life for current and future generations,” the release said.

The Clean 13 Celebration will be held at Mason Fine Art in Atlanta at 6 p.m. on March 12. For more information, visit