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Gibson trial progresses
Jeremy Gibson appears in preliminary court trial, adoption case
Jeremy Gibson mug shot

Jeremy Gibson had his preliminary court hearing last Wednesday before Judge Lisa Poss-Thurmond of the Dawson County Magistrate Court. Judge Thurmond determined that there was probably cause that Gibson murdered his wife on July 29, and that the case would proceed to trial.

Several facts from that night emerged during the hearing.

"They had pulled off the Dawson Forest Road to release a turtle they found," testified Dawson County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jeff Moore. "That's when Daddy pulled up and they got in an argument."

From there, Amy Gibson took off for Riverview Elementary School on Dawson Forest Road.

According to testimony given at the hearing, Gibson initially told investigators that he pulled into the school’s parking lot to stake it out ahead of an upcoming parent’s night and witnessed Amy performing a sexual act on her five-year-old son before looking at him and smiling.

Investigators refuted that account, detailing a security video-corroborated timeline of the incident in the school parking lot. According to investigators, Amy Gibson was only in the parking lot for a few seconds before Jeremy’s truck speeds into the parking lot after her. Amy then pulled out of the parking lot and called 911 in what would be her final minutes.

When asked if there was any evidence to support Jeremy Gibson’s story, investigator Jeff Moore flatly denied it.

Moore then detailed the incident in the fire station.

"She pulled into the parking lot at a high rate of speed, like screeching tires,” according to Moore. "She began begging for help through the closed window. They [the firefighters present at the scene] could hear her screaming."

Seconds later, Jeremy Gibson’s truck pulled in behind her. Jeremy got out of his vehicle and shot Amy five times, the most “notable” shot, according to Moore, going through the cell phone she was holding and into her head.

Gibson’s two children were in the back seat.

When police arrived on scene a few minutes later, Gibson was calm and emotionless. His children were hiding in a closet.

After hearing the facts of the case, Judge Thurmond declared that the State had proven reasonable doubt and that the trial would proceed.

On Thursday morning, Jeremy appeared in court again for the adoption case of his two children.

Amy’s sister was granted custody of the children after outlining a plan to take care of them. It will be up to her to decide whether or not the children get to have a goodbye visit with their father.

Dawson County News will continue to cover the trial of Jeremy Gibson as it progresses.