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Get ready to brake: Traffic pattern at Dawson Forest Road and Hwy. 9 to change Monday
Dawson Forest Road work

Starting on Monday, June 15, the traffic pattern for the dual roundabout project on Dawson Forest Road and Hwy. 9 will shift to become a “T Intersection”, according to a press release by the Georgia Department of Transportation. 

“State Route 9 will become a ’T’ intersection at Dawson Forest Road, with stop signs in place for both north and southbound traffic,” the release said. “State Route 9 traffic will no longer be free flow after this change is implemented.”

GDOT spokeswoman Katie Strickland explained that the altered traffic pattern is aimed at changing the way drivers approach the intersection.

“The work is going to change the configuration of how traffic travels through that intersection because the end result is going to be two roundabouts there,” Strickland said. “So what we’re doing right now will actually change the way people approach Highway 9 from Dawson Forest.”

The main change will be that drivers are now expected to stop at the intersection, instead of being able to drive down Hwy. 9 9 without stopping. 

“Northbound SR 9 traffic will have a stop sign placed on Dawson Forest Road East,” the release said. “Drivers wanting to stay on SR 9 will make a left turn and continue down Dawson Forest Road then turn right to continue on SR 9 north. Southbound SR 9 traffic will also have to stop at the intersection of Dawson Forest Road. Drivers wishing to continue southbound will turn left and then right.”

With the changes and the dual roundabout project, Strickland said that the biggest takeaway is that drivers should be careful while adjusting to the new traffic pattern. 

“Slow down — we’ve seen many crashes at this intersection since we started the project, and they’re due to distracted driving and speed,” Strickland said. “If you’re not paying attention or going too fast, you’re bound to end up in a crash.”