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GDOT to fix dangerous intersections in Dawson
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The board of commissioners on Thursday may vote to approve a letter of support for the Georgia Department of Transportation to fix dangerous Ga. 400 intersections in front of the Chick-fil-A and at Kilough Church Road.

Similar to access controls already completed at the Beartooth Parkway and Industrial Park Road intersection, the improvements will not allow for crossing movement from one side of Ga. 400 to the other, nor allow for any left turn out of the intersections.

For example, right now if you are travelling on Beartooth Parkway and approach the intersection, you can only turn right and onto Ga. 400 northbound. If you are travelling on Industrial Park Road, you can only turn right onto Ga. 400 southbound.

This means much of the traffic coming out of Kilough Church Road will have to travel north to the traffic light at Harmony Church Road and conduct a U-turn if drivers wish to travel south on Ga. 400, and similarly for those exiting the outlet mall wishing to go north.

Part of the intersection at Chick-fil-A has already been accessed controlled, as those leaving through that intersection can only turn right onto Ga. 400 north.

The measures are an attempt by GDOT to mitigate serious auto accidents that occur at these two intersections. GDOT has communicated to the county that traffic signals are not warranted at these intersections.

Public Works Director David McKee presented information about the work, which GDOT will fund entirely.

All of the work will be completed by GDOT or subcontractors of GDOT.

According to McKee, once GDOT receives a letter of support from the commission, workers will be ready to start improvements as soon as possible.