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GDOT to remove Hwy. 53 passing lane
Recent accidents, political pressure spark restriping
hwy 53 upgrade
The passing lane on Hwy. 53 east headed into Dawsonville will be restriped this summer into a two-way center turn lane, according to a recent letter from the Georgia Department of Transportation. - photo by Allie Dean
The Georgia Department of Transportation is planning to restripe the passing lane on Hwy. 53 east into Dawsonville between Hugh Stowers Road and Buddy Burt Road to make it safer for drivers navigating the winding roadway. GDOT plans to remove the passing lane and create a two-way center turn lane in its place. This portion of the highway is a particular concern for residents, especially the portion known as the “Buddy Burt Road Curve” in front of Dell Conner Construction, where earlier this year an 18-year-old high school student was killed, and where six were seriously injured in a multi-vehicle wreck just last month. Due to increased public concern, local politicians contacted GDOT to see what could be done to mitigate traffic incidents in the area. In April, state Rep. Kevin Tanner, R-Dawsonville, requested that GDOT evaluate the passing lane section on Hwy. 53.