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Folk artists come home for reunion
Folk art pic
Dawson County native Amber Gilleland paints a rocking horse Saturday afternoon at the 7th annual Folk Art Family Reunion at Around Back at Rockys Place in Dawsonville. - photo by Michele Hester Dawson Community News

Lannie and Gerald Lambert travel from Atlanta each June for the annual Folk Art Family Reunion at Around Back at Rocky's Place.

"We have friends that live in Bent Tree, so we're here visiting them, but we always come to the reunion," said Lannie Lambert, an art teacher that specializes in folk art and lessons.

Co-owners Tracey Burnett and Robin Blan started the backyard festival seven years ago to give area artists an avenue to showcase their art and spend the weekend together.

For county native Amber Gilleland, it's like coming home.

"This is my third year to do this show. I've done one other show this year, but this one is my favorite," she said. "By the end of the day, we'll all be sitting out here under the trees in the shade, talking and catching up."

The gallery also features one of the largest collections by folk artist John "Cornbread" Anderson, a former Dawson County sheriff's deputy whose whimsical works depict his memories of growing up in north Georgia and can be found the world over.

"I just paint what I remember from growing up," he said Saturday as he greeted guests and reconnected with the more than 20 folk artists

Burnett said she believes the weekend's record-breaking temperatures hindered the reunion a little this year.

"We're still having a good time," she said.