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Film premiers in Dawson
6 Film premier in Dawson
A large crowd gathered Monday night at First Baptist Church of Dawsonville to see the debut of faith-centered film Uncommon. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

In April 2013, First Baptist Church of Dawsonville got a taste of stardom when TV star Erik Estrada presented the JC Films-produced "Finding Faith."

The company returned Monday to debut its new film, "Uncommon."

"You are the first church in the country to see this movie," said Dean Haskins, executive director. "This is the start of our tour."

Impressed by the community from the first screening, officials decided to change the tour schedule.

"This was a little last minute. We were asked about showing the film at the end of December, but we made plans and were able to work out a date," said Sam Reed, student pastor at First Baptist Church. "We really only had a few weeks to publicize things, but we've spent a lot of efforts to get the word out."

The film is a feature-length, narrative that highlights the struggles of a group of students at fictional Rosewood High as they seek to write, produce and perform a production after their school announces that its theater, music and dance departments have been cut due to budgetary issues, according to the film's promotional description.

"We are so excited to be able to do this. It's a big thing for us," Reed said. "We are all about helping our community find faith, and that's what [JC Films] is about. I think this movie is going to be big."

The film is based on true events.

"In May 2006 in Russell County, Ky., Russell County High School class chaplain Megan Chapman ... wanted to offer a prayer at her class' graduation," Haskins told the audience Monday.

The events involving Chapman and legal proceedings surrounding the graduation prayer inspired the film's plot.

"Very often, with adversity in life, if it's handled the way God wants us to handle it, it will turn into great opportunity," Haskins said. "To empower young people across the country is the purpose ... of this film."

The movie is produced in association with Liberty Counsel, an international nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization by providing pro bono assistance and representation.

"That's why JC Films partnered with Liberty Films to produce ‘Uncommon,'" Haskins said. "JC Films exists to produce movies that will impact our culture for Christ."

Haskins also gave the audience a sneak preview of JC Films' plans.

"We are in the process of filming our third movie, about 90 miles south of here in Griffin and Jackson. It's a movie called ‘Virtuous' and it features actors from the movies ‘Courageous' and ‘Fireproof.' It's our biggest production to date."