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Earth Day 50 year anniversary posters created by Dawson County students
I-EARTH DAY - Addison Priest
Earth Day poster created by Dawson County student Addison Priest.

Started in 1970 as response to a world-wide environment in crisis, over the last 50 years Earth Day has become a yearly celebration of nature and a solemn reminder of the effects of environmental degradation.

Earth Day celebrations in Dawson County were cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the message of the holiday remains the same.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in Georgia, students at local schools were asked to create a series of posters highlighting this yearly event. Here is a selection of those posters. 

I-EARTH DAY - Emersen Stevens.jpg
Poster of Emersen Stevens.
RVES 1.jpg
Poster by Rylie Hall.
I-EARTH DAY - Tucker Gainey.jpg
Poster by Tucker Gainey.
I-EARTH DAY - Eva Bishop.jpg
Poster by Eva Bishop.
RVES 3.jpg
Poster by Brielle Dunigan.
I-EARTH DAY -  Ema Bliss.jpg
Poster by Ema Bliss.
I-EARTH DAY - Abigail Wright.jpg
Poster by Abigail Wright.
RVES 4.jpg
Poster by Keyleigh Gilleland.