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Drug awareness expo rescheduled for Oct. 16
Friends of Recovery

The Dawson County Friends of Recovery has rescheduled its drug awareness and recovery expo for Oct. 16 after the original expo was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Friends of Recovery is hosting the expo with the mission to provide information on the drug epidemic in the area, the effects on the family and resources to focus on prevention and recovery.

The expo will begin at 6 p.m. and will be held at the Church at War Hill at 8847 Hwy. 53 East, Dawsonville.

Included in the events of the expo are exhibitions, performances by Dawson County High School and Dawson County Junior High School chorus groups, speakers from the Dawson County Sheriff’s office and special speakers telling their stories of recovery and hope.

Exhibitors will include ABBA House, Cumming Home Ministries, the Department of Family and Children, Family Connection, Georgia Overdose Prevention, the Good Shepherd Clinic, Goodwill Career Center, Waypoint Ministries, Lanier Tech Adult Education Center and more.

Friends of Recovery is a non-profit organization that exists to support the accountability court programs in the Northeastern Judicial Circuit, such as Dawson County treatment, H.E.L.P. and drug courts, and the participants in these courts.

Friends of Recovery serves to provide resources necessary to help the participants focus on recovery and treatment and to successfully complete the requirements of their court mandated program. They also strive to increase public awareness of the programs they support and the benefits provided to the community.

All are invited to attend the expo and learn about the presence of drug abuse in the region and about what prevention and treatment resources exist.