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Dr. Anderson: What was it like back then?
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine 

We are living in a historic time.  Not since 1918 has the world been gripped with such a universal deadly virus. I doubt if anyone is alive that lived through what the world has come to know as the Spanish Flu. You would have to be about 120 years old to have been old enough to remember what it was like. 

So, many years from now when your grandchildren or great-grandchildren say, “Hey, what was it like back then?” Do you have a mask to show them? Do you have some pictures to show them?  Do you have some stored memories of no toilet paper to share with them? Would they believe that school was closed? Could you tell them about your friends who got sick or about Uncle Joe who died? Or how the hospitals were overwhelmed? Or what sheltered home means? How about starting a scrapbook? Yes, you can start with my columns. How about taking some pictures of empty shelves in the supermarket or empty parking lots at the movies. Sooner or later this will become a distant memory but the history books will remember. When the questions come, let’s have something for show and tell.

We need a new way of looking at the COVID-19 numbers. Most of the time we do not see real faces and real people behind the numbers. We have had husbands and wives die within days of each other with COVID-19 in our county. We have had best friends die of this virus. Everyone who gets the virus is either sick at home, or in the hospital, or dies from this virus is related to someone we know. It is our friends and relatives that we are protecting when we wear a mask. 

Yes, the numbers are dropping but Dawson County is in the 20% of counties in Georgia that still have an increase. Stop it. Wear a mask. 

Thanks for reading.