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Dr. Anderson: Relaxing on COVID
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine

Gov. Kemp has relaxed the COVID-19 restrictions again. This is good, as it helps us get back to the life we are used to. 

Unfortunately, every action has a consequence. The number of COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 deaths have spiked each time. I believe this is more of a factor of people not wearing masks, not keeping a social distance or being a little slack with handwashing and sanitizing, then it is of relaxing the restrictions. 

There is a saying in medicine that fits here: Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Wear your mask. Stay 6 feet away from others, wash and sanitize your hands. 

I get asked, “Do I get tired of singing the same song all the time?” My answer is, “I will continue this until I can go to a Smurf convention and look like everyone else.” 

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