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Dr. Anderson: Did you expect a different result?
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine 

Did you expect a different result?  Yes, we are trending downward. Most of us are doing what is needed to stop the COVID-19. The bad news is what we are doing is working, but it encourages others to disregard the preventions and then we see a spike in cases again. We have gone from 192 to 82 active cases in our county.  That is good news. The bad news is we have not stopped adding new cases. I see more and more people wearing masks at Home Depot and Walmart. I see more people following the arrows in the aisles of the food stores. I see more people trying to make a difference in stopping the COVID-19. We are making a lot of progress in those areas and it is paying off in fewer cases. Now we see the increase in cases in the teens and twenties age group. No surprise there.

We have other fish to fry. Mosquitos are on the increase. One collection station in our county has captured 100 mosquitos. Still no details yet on the species or any positive tests for West Nile or any other mosquito vectors illnesses. Flu vaccine season is now with us. More and more facilities have the vaccine. Check with your primary care physician and follow his or her advice as to which vaccine is best for you and where to get it. Feral Violence has not gone away but still continues. Avoidance is still the best prevention.