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Developer brings request for 272 homes back to table
Planning commission meeting to be held Dec. 19
Dawson Forest Holdings
A photo from a traffic study by Kimley-Horn shows the three tracts of land that developer Bill Evans has proposed to develop. -Photo from Kimley-Horn for the Dawson County News

A developer whose rezoning applications were squashed by the board of commissioners exactly one year ago has refiled two applications that would allow him to build 95 townhomes and 177 homes between Elliott Road and the Tractor Supply on Hwy. 53.

The law firm of Miles Hansford and Tallant has made the requests on behalf of Bill Evans, whose corporation Dawson Forest Holdings owns the two parcels of land, totaling over 75 acres, that Evans wants rezoned from residential agricultural to residential multi-family.

The new applications do not differ from the plans that the commission denied last December.

Evans wants to build the 95 townhomes on property located at 20 Hughes Court, which is currently being used as a rental trailer park. According to the application, there would be 6 units per acre.

He wants to build the 177 homes on property located on Hwy. 53 adjacent to the Tractor Supply and the Dawson County fire station No. 2. The homes would be 1,200 square feet.

The application states the development would be a senior lifestyle neighborhood, with a pool, tennis court and small clubhouse.

In January, Evans filed a lawsuit against the county, board of commissioners and each of the commissioners for denying his previous applications during a meeting on Dec. 13, 2016.

In the lawsuit, filed Jan. 12, Evans states that the commission's refusal to rezone the parcels from residential agricultural to residential multi-family "not only violates plaintiff's constitutionally-protected rights to use its properties for any lawful purpose" but also "violate the mandatory rezoning procedures set forth in the Dawson County Land Use Resolution..." rendering the commission's decision invalid.

The commission unanimously denied the requests after stating they felt the developer's plans did not align with the future land use plan for that area. At the time they also stated that Evans could submit the applications again in a year's time.

Another application by Evans to rezone a third property was successfully rezoned from residential agricultural to commercial highway business after vote of the commission during the December 2016 meeting. The property is located on 3.63 acres of land; with the Tractor Supply on the left and Dawson County fire station No. 2 on the right.

A group of incensed residents joined forces last year to stop the rezonings, and attended the planning commission meetings and board of commissioners meeting to speak against the proposed single-family dwellings.

They also submitted a petition that had been signed by more than 400 people in the Elliott Road area who did not support the potential influx of new housing.

"Our number one concern is the high density in this residential multi-family zoning and the impact on this area, as well as the public tax burden and the safety and overall quality of life in this region," said Rhonda Goodwin, an Elliott Road resident, during the BOC meeting.

An email from Tony Passarello, another Elliott Road resident, was sent out last week urging residents to attend the next planning commission meeting, where the applications will be discussed for the first time in public since they were denied.

The Dawson County Planning Commission will meet at 6 p.m. Dec. 19 in the Dawson County Government Center assembly room on the second floor.