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Democrats, Republicans move to runoffs in US House 9th District race
Georgia State Capitol

A nine-person Republican field was narrowed to two candidates, Andrew Clyde and Matt Gurtler, in the Tuesday, June 9, Republican primary for the U.S. House 9th District Republican nomination.

Andrew Clyde
andrew clyde
Andrew Clyde.

Who is he: Clyde served 28 years, active and reserve, in the U.S. Navy, and is a gun store owner.
How he reacted: “I am extremely humbled by the support we have received. I never intended to run for public office … but when the corrupt IRS unconstitutionally seized $940k from my firearms store, I realized just how thin the line is between ‘We the People’ running our government and our government running us.”
On the issues: Gun rights is a big issue. “I think I know the Second Amendment inside out and sideways. The Second Amendment is the teeth behind the Constitution, protecting the First Amendment.”
What’s next: Clyde faces Gurtler in the Aug. 11 runoff.

Matt Gurtler

Who is he: Gurtler is a home builder. He has served two terms as Georgia’s House District 8 representative.

Matt Gurtler
Matt Gurtler

How he reacted: “We’re just so blessed. I can’t thank all my supporters enough, as well as people in the 9th District coming out to vote for us. We’re a grassroots campaign and … I have the most conservative voting record in Georgia. I’m just so happy people want real conservative representation in Congress.”
On the issues: A top concern for Gurtler is the national debt, which “is our greatest threat to our national security and freedoms,” he said. “... No one is taking the hard stands. We can’t just keep raising the debt ceiling.”
What’s next: Gurtler faces Clyde in the Aug. 11 runoff.

U.S. House 9th District Republican nominee
With 85% of precincts reporting

Matt Gurtler: 22%
Andrew Clyde: 18%
Kevin Tanner: 16%
Paul Broun: 13%
John Wilkinson: 12%
Ethan Underwood: 8%
Kellie Weeks: 4%
Michael Boggus: 3%
Maria Strickland: 3%

Democrats Devin Pandy and Brooke Siskin were the top vote-getters in that primary for the U.S. House 9th District.

Devin Pandy
Devin Pandy
Devin Pandy

Who is he: Pandy is retired from the U.S. Army after 21 years.
How he reacted: "I'm grateful that the people of North Georgia see my military service and advocacy as worthy of representing them in … Congress and I'd like to commend Rev. Dan Wilson on a race well run."
On the issues: He supports universal health care. “People can choose to get their own private insurance, but everybody should have the option,” Pandy has said. Also, health insurance should not be tied to an employer, he said.
What’s next: He faces Brooke Siskin in the Aug. 11 runoff.

Brooke Siskin
Brooke Siskin
Brooke Siskin

Who is she: Siskin has been a small business owner.
How she reacted: “I was hoping the outcome would have been a little bit more, but I’m excited … and I’m forging ahead. I plan on (going) forth and making sure I get to the next level and take on the Republican.”
On the issues: “I believe universal health care is a right, not a privilege, and that everyone has access to it,” she has said. “And people like me who have a disability need to have affordable access to health care.”
What’s next: She faces Devin Pandy in the Aug. 11 runoff.

U.S. House 9th District Democratic nominee
With 85% of precincts reporting
Brooke Siskin: 43%
Devin Pandy: 32%
Dan Wilson: 26%