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Dawsonville votes for no property tax
Sales tax money enough to live on, officials say
City council
Dawsonville Mayor and City Council
The Dawsonville city council voted Monday night not to impose a property tax on citizens, keeping in tradition with decades of not levying a millage rate. The city continues to rely on its share of LOST and SPLOST proceeds as well as fees for services in order to operate. Finance Administrator Hayden Wiggins presented the council with the millage rate the city would charge if it felt the need to collect property taxes. “We’re fortunate enough that we have our LOST proceeds so that we don’t have to levy a city tax,” Wiggins said. “But if we didn’t have the LOST proceeds it would result in a millage rate of 8.96 mils.” Wiggins presented an example that if a resident had a house that was worth $250,000, they would take the taxable value of 40 percent, which would be $100,000, and multiply it by the 8.96 mils. That would result in a tax bill of $896.